How to Earn Money By Writing Articles

Article Writing or Content Writing is a way through anyone can build up there freelanch career. There is huge potential for creating online career and earn money by writing articles.


Article Writing plays a very helpful role for those who want to get quick entry in freelancing profession.

Those who have great proficiency in English, they can make themselves as writers easily.

Many website needs writer to write article for different purpose. Apart from blog article they need to write for products review, sales page for service, resource book for organization, brochure, leaflets or other promotional activities.

How to start at first :
At first you have to write on different topics regularly. This habit will increase your writing skills and experience. At the beginning, do you think about the writing topic?
First you should choose the topic that you know best.

You need to pay special attention on grammar while you choose words and sentence for writing.

Here I am sharing several websites.
Those want to earn money by writing an article, hopefully they will get benefit from this.

Fiverr :

Fiverr is known for getting best services done at a starting price of 5 dollar, here the price of each service is absolutely fixed. And the authority will cut $ 1 and you will be given 4 dollars. You can offer here writing articles for a specific topic or any topic for 5 dollars. Then, if any client needs it, then you can write a article for 5 dollar. Later on, the site authority will give you $ 4 from the paid money.
You can withdraw money through PayPal.

Yahoo! Contributor Network :

You can earn money by writing articles through Yahoo! Contributor Network. If you sign up here, you will get the assignment for your article every day.Most assignment budget ranges from $ 2 to $ 25 (or even more).
Your articles will be published in various subdomains of Yahoo, such as Yahoo News, Shopping, Sports, etc. From here you can take payments through Paypal.

constant content :

You can earn money by writing articles on Constant Content,but you need to write quality articles on a specific topic, for earning money from this site. Visitors from this website are buying many content or articles. If any client like your article, you also get a certain amount of money.

Dollar Stretcher :

To write this site, you can earn 1 dollar for 10 words, that means 100 dollars for 1000 words and $ 500 for 5000 words.

You can get payment US $ Via check or Paypal.

Writers Weekly :

This is a Magazine website, if you submitting an article on this site and they accept it. Then you can earn up to $ 40 to 60 dollars.


This is a very good quality website. To write here, each article will have to be 1500 words and if you they it then get you will get 100 dollar from them.