How to earn from youtube

How do youtubers make money

There are many ways to make money online at home. If you wish, you can easily earn some money at home. Recently, the most well liked way of earning money from online is by uploading videos on YouTube. So how to earn from youtube its need to know step by step.

Most of the people are using YouTube as a fun purpose. And many of them Using to show his own creativity and others use it for retain personal memories forever. However, some people do special moment to convey themselves to be uploaded on YouTube with a video.

But those people use youtube everyday for fun or entertainment purpose. They don’t know how to earn from youtube, if they upload video on youtube it can be the best way of make money. If you follow some simple rules then you can earn money with youtube much faster than any other source. Just to know the right way of income. Let’s have a look how to earn from YouTube easy way.


1.Earn from YouTube with Adsense:

This is the most popular and best way to earn from YouTube. We all know that YouTube is a service of Google. And Google AdSense also a product of Google. So Google has a lot of importance in YouTube. And the most interesting thing is that YouTube is one of the easiest methods to get AdSense Approval. Best Earners are using only YouTube Adsense to earn millions of dollars a month!

2.Sell ​​your own products:
Suppose you have a fashion house of your own. Now if you create some videos about new fashion trends and upload a few reviews about your product, youtube may be the most effective way of marketing your own product. Now you can say that how many people can buy this way. But you know what amount of visitors can you get on YouTube? You can easily browse through videos on any topic to see view and than you will understand. if you research keywords of youtube search you will see if any visitor decide to buy a product, they can watch YouTube videos in most cases.

3.Affiliate product reviews:
This is another popular way to use YouTube. In this case, people do the propagation of Amazon or any other affiliate network product. Generally, affiliate link is given on the video’s description and the video is also available on the review. During the video, if someone has purchased a product through that link, then the affiliate receives the commission. Thus, you can easily earn a lot of money with very low cost or free of cost.

How to Setup YouTube Channel:
First you need to create a YouTube channel through the Gmail ID. Your YouTube Channel will be ready when you sign up via Gmail ID on

Become a YouTube Partner:

Then by clicking on My Channel from the left-hand option, you’ll see your YouTube Channel. You can see another option named Video Manager on the name of your channel, click on it. Now you can see many options right after clicking on the channel option on the left. You must verify the mobile number for getting Partner verified. Your video can not be monetized unless the Partner verified.

Upload video:
Upload your video now. Once uploaded, you can see the Monetized option at the bottom of the video. Here, with the sign of Monetize with ads option, Google will now display various ads on your video. However, do not upload any copied videos carefully or YouTube will disable your monetized options at any time.

Applying to AdSense:

Now you have to apply for Google AdSense through your YouTube Channel. You will withdraw money with this AdSense. Now again click on the Monetization option from the left channel option and Monetization should be activated from the Enable Monetization button on the right. Then on the bottom there will be another option named How Will Paid. You can click on associate an AdSense account and click Next and login through your Gmail ID and submit all the information and your AdSense request will go away. Now within 2-3 days your AdSense Approve’s mail will be in your inbox.

There are several other ways to earn from YouTube. But the biggest thing is the mentality of working. If you work regularly you can earn in any way. Or you can find yourself even more ways to earn money.