how to make money from website or blog

What is website or blog


At present, many of us are blogging on free or paid method. Blogging is a modern social space where we can share our ideas to the world. On the
other hand, we also can make money from blogging . However, nowadays many of the young people are concentrating to blogging. There are a lot of people who are doing a good income from the blog. Because earning a blog income from
Freelance Income is a bit easier. In Freelance work you have to spend a lot of time , you need to
know how to work with it, take a test, have to bid etc.

But there is not  problem with blogging if there is and it’ll be less than the freelance. But for blogging, you have to work a lot from early, write a good
unique post, make the site popular. Once you have popularized your blog site, then there is no time to look back! However, if you want to earn well, then
the content of your web site must be unique.

Some rules for creating a blog or web site:

1. Free Sites / Paid Sites:
First you have to decide. What is the Purpose of your Website. Is it a free site or as a paid?
If you want to create free site then you can find many site they offer you free hosting.. you can make free blog on this site,, etc.
But if you want to express you as a blogger and want to earn some cash then it will be good to work with purchasing paid domain and hosting.

2. Site content:
The site you want to create. You need to decide What will be the topic of your site . For example: Game, Movie, Blog content, Buy & Sell, Review, Cooking, Tips, Travel. But in this case, blog content becomes popular easily when creating a blog about the purpose of Helping or Tips Site.

3. Use a good and unique domain: which way you want to make a blog free or paid it doesn’t matter. You must find a good domain. The domain should be meaningful, well looked, easy and unique. For example, if you have to create a blog site related to technology, then if you select domain name or cooking site domain name you select . All these names will not produce good results. Because, visitors have to remember your website and the topic of your site. And good name will give you the opportunity to create good SEO for your site. So try to give unique and topic related domain name.

4.Compatible with other names:
The domain you want to select for buy. You need to keep a watch on the name of old register and you have to sure that it’s unique and not match with other domain.
For example: Domain name has been registered. But you thought of taking the domain
name, If you find that available you can take it. But do not get good results. In fact, there may be problems in SEO, visitors can stay in confused.
Moreover, when you search Google, the link of old registered domain will be show in the first place.
So the visitor may think your site to another site.
Basically, those old domains that have the names and you want to buy with match that domain. It is better not to do!
And yes, if you want to register the domain, then you must prioritize .Com extension.

5.domain from a good domain provider:
Take the domain from the good
provider, So that you can transfer, renew and manually modified the name.If the provider is not trusted , then maybe they can sell your favourite domain name somewhere else or provider can take it on its own. So, be carefully!

6.Good quality hosting:
Along with the domain, you have to take good quality hosting.
Think if you have your Google blogspot site. The visitor is come almost 1,5000 per day. Then you must take good quality cloud or shared hosting.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
After creating your site, pay more attention to SEO. you need to do SEO day by day slowly. One day you will get very good results.
Because of SEO, you will get good visitor and Alexa ratings.
If you want to SEO, you need to keep Google, Bing, Yahoo search machine in mind.Then it will be rewarding to get good visitors from those search engine.

8.Avoid copy content posts:
If you want to see your website or blog top ranking , want to
get popularity and good source of income, then think something new on your blog site. So Avoid copy content posts.